Manual Submission

If you have manuals of wood stoves, inserts, flue pipes, chimneys, whatever.  Please feel free to submit.  They should be in pdf format and each one titled to the particular brand and model of what manual is referencing.

Original manufacturer pdf manuals are best, but we do understand that older stoves may not have any original pdf files available and scanned image files are all that we have.  Anything is better than nothing.

Please note that some manuals only cover specific date ranges of stoves or inserts, please ensure this range is included in the file name as well.

To make posting of the documents easier, please rename the file to be descriptive of contents using example below:

If for example the document is for a stove made by Heritage and is a for the Renaissance 1 or Renaissance 2 Insert and was published in 1999 – then you would title the file as the following :

Heritage Renaissance 1 – Renaissance 2 Insert 1999.pdf

If you have a photograph or other non-pdf file to upload, that is fine and perfectly acceptable.  However please use the above naming convention for any and all uploads, makes the database library easier to navigate, perform searches on and use for all!  Also makes volunteer work on back end easier.

There is a link at the top of the web page to submit a manual – or click here.

Thank you.