Where do we get all our manuals?

Some manuals have been submitted anonymously, however most of the manuals have come from WETT members.  This is a service of WETT members sharing with each other.

Can I share the manuals posted here.

We have no ownership of any of the manuals, and can not control what is done with them, however the intent of this database is to assist fellow WETT members in their job.

Where should I send manuals that I have.

We would love any additions you may have, each contribution helps the database grow.  Please try to ensure they files are in pdf format and are either original files or clean scans.  Recognizing older document originals may be yellowed or marked, we will accept what you have as any reference is better than none at all.  Please submit to the link above in menu or click here.

I am a wood appliance or parts manufacturer; is it possible to submit manuals to the database?

We welcome any and all material.  If you are a manufacturer, your discontinued models are the ones we treasure the most as your website would often have resources for current models.  However, any and all that you send are welcome additions.

I found an error in one of the items listed, how does this get corrected?

While we attempt to ensure all material and listings are accurate, mistakes can happen.  Please send complete information using the contact form here.  Please include the website/page address (URL), and clearly indicate what is wrong.  We thank you for your help in making this database better for all.