This document library is set up for free use by wood burning appliance installers, chimney sweeps and/or inspectors.

This database is a compilation of installation manuals, owners manuals, photographs, diagrams and other material useful to the wood burning professionals within the industry.

The primary reason for this was to retain manuals in an archive for the event of a manufacturer discontinuing their product line and support or going out of business, therefore the vast majority of manuals are those of older discontinued and unsupported products, although there may be some current production models scattered within the listings.

All discontinued models or makes of wood burning appliance are not listed, nor is there any guarantee that any document listed will be the correct one for your wood stove or wood burning appliance.  These are listed for reference purposes only and the responsibility lies with you to determine the manual is in fact the correct one for your wood burning system.  If there is any doubt at all that the manual is not the correct one, then do not use it as manufactures have been known to make changes in the same models throughout production and important characteristics such as the clearance to combustibles may change.  This could potentially result in unsafe conditions should the manual not be the correct one.

Do not ever use these manuals for clearance reference if the data plate on the stove is missing, the data plate is the only source of clearance information that is safe or allowable to be used by the Canadian installation Code.  If the data-plate on the stove is missing, these documents are NOT a reliable reference, the CSA B365 must be used instead.

We will try to update or make corrections to any documents when information becomes available, however we have no control over what is or is not available as many of these manuals are no longer available from the manufacturer.

As this library is managed by volunteers, the use of it and contents within are solely at the users discretion and risk.

We accept no responsibility or liability if the correct manual nor the latest copy of that manual is posted on this site.

If you are unsure which manual to use, or if it is the correct manual to be used please check with a wood burning professional near you – find one here.

If you do have a manual that is not posted yet and would be so kind as to share, then please submit via the submission link above.

Thank you and we trust you find this resource useful.

Wood Appliance Manual Resource Team